King David HS Dodgeball

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For our first leadership fixtures we organised a fortnightly dodge ball competition. Firstly we organised an assembly to inform the year 7 pupils of the potential activity that they could take part in, we then signed up all the pupils that wanted to take part and then distributed them into mixed gender teams of 7. Each team in the competition played each other within the whole tournament. We saw that all of the teams had their own strategies and that each of the groups was different to the next. We realised that teams with a larger amount of boys usually dominated the girls and the girls wouldn’t participate as much, this may be a good point that we need to take into further consideration. After the tournament was complete we calculated the winners of the competition from the scores from throughout the whole thing. We then held an assembly to announce the winners of the tournament and gave out certificates to all of the players within the winning team. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to participate in the experience again.
Year 10 Leadership Team